Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Chargers are going to become a standard item in your house just like your oven or microwave. EV Chargers come in different designs, styles and charging capacities. Your most common being a 32amp / 7kw charger.

Wallbox Vehicle Charger

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms and Heat detectors are required in every house, and they should be interconnected to give the earliest warning of a fire in the property and alert everything within the dwelling.

Smoke Detector for house

Consumer Units

Consumer units or fuse boards are the brains of a house. Consumer unit changes recommended if you are still using rewireable fuses. Modern consumer units are a lot safer with RCD, Surge and Arc Fault protection. These changes in design make it safer.

New Consmer Unit

Fault Finding

Fault finding is tricky because you have a fault which could be as small as a loose wire in a light fitting in the loft or a faulty appliance causing your RCD to keep tripping.


Call the experts.

Electricians in folkestone fault finding

Hot Tub Electrics

Hot tubs are one of those things, You look at the hot tub and not the power required to use it, sometimes this leaves you in a tricky spot as it might need to be hard wired in with a cable from your consumer unit / fuse board, which could be located in the middle of the house.

electricians in folkestone hot tub wiring

Loft Conversion Wiring

Most people when refurbishing the property don't often think about the loft until after they have decorated the house. and by then running any new cables to the loft space would undo some of the areas already decorated. If you ever think you might do a loft conversion, get in touch and we can provide you with options and estimates for the works, even if its running a supply cable to be used in 5 years time when the loft gets done.. sometimes planning ahead can save you thousands.

electricians in folkestone loft conversion wiring


With the price of Electricity set to increase year on year now is the best time to think about reducing your electricity costs. A good solar system can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 90%*

Solar Panel Installation

Outdoor Lighting

With more and more people working from home and spending more time in the garden, Lighting is becoming a big part of that aesthetics. We have an out the box thinking approach to outdoor lighting using technology to our advantage.

House Driveway Illumination. Elegant Front Yard Illumination.


If you are buying a house or have lived in your house and are wanting to know the state of the electrical wiring, Then an EICR is what you wold want. Its an M.O.T for your house and will highlight any issues that are advisories, and fixing as well as giving you a good understanding of what would need to be done to put things right or make sure you are safe.

electricians in folkestone Electrical Safety Check

Landlords and Lettings

If you are a landlord or a letting agent. You have some responsibilities to your tenants in providing them with a safe house without risk of electric shock. It is now law to have the electrics checked every 5 years. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Electricians in Folkestone Landlord safety check

Kitchen Refurbishment

If you are wanting that kitchen refurbishment it would be recommended to get your electrics nailed down before hand, We receive at least 1 call a month about a kitchen that's mid way through and some electrics need to be moved. Give us a call at the design stage and we can offer a free quotation for any works.

Electricians in folkestone Kitchen Rewire

Extension Electrics

sometimes adding an extension isnt as straight forward as adding a few sockets here and there, sometimes it can be a little more complicated. Best to get in touch and discuss your plans and we can provide a free estimate to your requirements and design.

house wiring electricians in folkestone