Electrical Safety Check

Electrical Installation Condition Report

Multifunction test equipment

Do any of the following apply?

  • Buying a property?
  • Selling a property?
  • Safety concern?
  • General condition check?
  • Upgrading a fuse board?
  • Wanting to do an extension?

An EICR also known as Electrical Safety Check, is a physical and visual test of the electrical system with a property, This property can be Commercial or Domestic.

An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is normally requested by solicitors when dealing with the sale and purchase of the property, This is not mandatory or a legal requirement, however it is highly recommended. A typical EICR for a 4 bedroom house will be between £125 and £250. A typical 4 bedroom house rewire will be in the region of £3500 - £5000. Without knowing the condition of the electrical system in a property could cost you a lot more once you move in.

1-2 Bedroom

3-4 Bedroom

5+ Bedroom

End of Tenacy


* A single domestic single phase consumer unit with no more than 24 ways.

** A Sample EICR will be carried out provided an in date EICR is provided for us to sample results against in accordance with Guidance Notes 3 electrical safety test procedures. Should the results vary with enough results to cause concern or Modifications to the system have been carried out since the last EICR and no minor works certificate or installation certificate has been issued then a full scope test will need to be carried out. If this has not been made clear to us prior to arrival and we identify new works or modifications and certificates provided, we will have to abandon the tests and you will still be charged for the booked test, a new full scope test will need quoted and booked.

The prices quoted above will have the following limitations. No lifting of floorboards or carpets, No disturbing the fabric of the building, No climbing into lofts, No moving heavy equipment like fridge freezers or furniture.


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