EV Charging Units

Are you looking to purchase and Electric Vehicle?

With prices for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids lowering, more and more people are making the jump from fuel to electric.
There are a few things that need to be in place before purchasing an electric vehicle or hybrid, as well as before an EV Charger can be installed.

As an EV charger will be a new installation, unless there is one already installed at your house, You will need to ensure Your earthing and bonding arrangements are in place before any new circuits can be installed.
There will need to be a spare way within your consumer unit and the size of your main fuse will need to be inspected. Some older properties have a 60 amp main fuse. With most properties having a 32 amp cooker 32 amp sockets 6 amp lights you can see we are limited on the ability to install a 32 amp EV Charger. In cases like this, a CT clamp will need to be installed to monitor the load of the house so the EV Charger won't use 32 amps while the house is already using 50 amps, this would blow the main fuse. Instead, it will ramp up and down based on the current usage.