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Fire Alarm Design & Security

Electricians in Folkestone can install a wide range of fire control panels / systems, From a compact single zone, a conventional 32 zones system, or a 64 zone addressable system. We can also install a ‘twin-wire’ system, where detectors, call points and sounders can use the same pair of wires, greatly reducing installation costs.

So whether you need a brand-new system installed or would just like a professional specialist to look after an existing system, we have the experience and skills to look after your requirements.

Fire Alarm Designs

Fire Alarm Maintenance

We can maintain all types of fire alarm systems with competitive prices and call out charges. 

Our fire alarm service schedule is done 12 monthly with a maintenance visit carried out at 6 months prior.

Fire Alarm maintenance

Addressable Fire Alarms

To comply with BS:5839 in regards to min search distance, A fire services personal will need to be able to identify with 40m of entering a building where the fire is located. So as you can imagine in a large building with multiple offices or hotels with 100+ rooms. an addressable system will be able to tell the person exactly which detector has been triggered and by looking at that number on the zone chart they will be able to locate exactly which floor and room that device is. 


Addressable systems are the cream of the crop for larger buildings. where quick identification of the fire location needs to be achieved.

DUONET & QUADNET EN54 Two & Four Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

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